Velli Thirai

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Starcast : Prithviraj,Gopika,Prakash Raj
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A completely different to watch in big screen. Prithviraj is a assistant director looking to direct a good movie and roams around Kodambakkam. He introduces Gopika to people and gets her a chance to act in movies and she becomes famous. They both love each other, making news in press. Prakashraj is another person who wants to be a great hero and rejects small characters that he gets in many movies.
He stays with Prithviraj for his shelter and living. Prithviraj plans to goto Hyderabad to tell his story to a producer and packs, meanwhile Prakashraj steals his story and makes copies of it and copyrights it. When Prithviraj goes to Hyderabad for 10 days, he shows it to Sarathbabu, a big producer and asks to make him hero for the movie, directed by Prathap Pothan. He denies initially as he is too old for that script, but still accepts and makes him hero of the movie. The movie becomes a huge hit and Prakashraj becomes a super hero all of sudden. When Prithviraj comes to know that its his own script, while tellling the story to actress Trisha, he is shocked and tries to beat Prakashraj, but Hema Baskar, who is assistant to Prakashraj stops him and throws him away.
Gopika's brother doesnt like their love and beats her very badly and sends her out of the house. She goes to Prithviraj's house and marries him. He stops the director venture for sometime and starts riding call taxi for his living. Sarathbabu knows the script steal and gives Prithviraj another chance to direct a great movie and get success. They had to go again to Prakashraj, who is great hero by that time. Right from start, they had clashes in scenes, but still Prithviraj thinks he wont spoil his life. Later, at climax shooting stage, the fight intensifies and Prakashraj tells that he will change director and goes out.
Knowing this, Prithviraj promises the producer Sarathbabu to finish the same movie with Prakashraj itself. He sets 10 cameras in Lakshmi Rai's (heroin of movie) to shoot the climax and releases the movie. At the first day of screening, Prakashraj thinks he is cheated by seeing how the climax was shot. what happens after that is the climax. A completely good and different film towatch on screen. How they shoot and edit lot of scenes to see it different in screen, is amazing. It all purely worked well for the unit. Good job

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